So you wanna have mermaid hair?


What kind of wigs do you use?

For the sake of saving money, I only use synthetic lace front wigs. Human hair wigs that meet my desire for length and volume cost thousands of dollars. The ones I use cost under $100. I do alot to customize them to make them look real. I get so many compliments on my “hair” from strangers. Just this morning, while I was working out, an acquaintance of mine asked me mid workout, did I get extensions! Mind you I was sweating and doing some intense exercises and my wig still was looking on point! How do I manage to pull this off with “cheap” amazon wigs? Well I’m here to show you.

On a side note, if this seems like too much work for you I am now starting to sell wigs to the public. If there is a wig you want, send me an email with a photo of what you want and I will make it for you. I charge between $100-$150 for this service.

As you an see, all photos were taken at the beach. My wigs have been subjected to sun, sand, swimming in the ocean, and pools. All of them are several years old and have withstood the elements that I have subjected them to. All of the wigs that I recommend are well made but they still need to be customized by you. I have added a headband inside all of them so that way I no longer need to use glue to lay the lace down flat against my head. It takes me just a few minutes to put them on.

I purchase all of my wigs from Amazon. I have tried in person wig stores as well as other websites for ordering from home, but have been disappointed. At least with Amazon I can try out the wig and if it doesn’t work out, then I just send it back and get my full refund. Here are direct links to the wigs that I own that are currently for sale. I will keep updating this post whenever my other wigs are on sale but for now they are sold out because they truly are that awesome!!!

Bubble Gum Pink wig

I love this pink wig!!!! I recently colored the ends with synthetic Rit dye to give it a darker pink at the bottom. I get compliments all the time on it and people think it’s my real hair!!!!! Here is the link:

Ariel/mera wig

I love this red wig. It is highly versatile and takes to straightening and curling easily. I’ve owned this wig for three years, and as you can see, I have swam in it, and gotten alot of uses from it! It lasts a very long time and is amazing value for your money! Here is the link.

Realistic Blonde Wig With Dark Roots

I wear this wig almost daily I love it so much!!!!

They have sold out of both this wig and my other wig that can be parted anyway that you like. I have searched far and wide for a replacement, and this wig is from the same maker and is close. You can color it just as I have colored mine or leave it as it is. Darker roots make the wigs look more realistic in my opinion. This wig comes with grey, blonde, and burgundy. I would personally choose the grey one if I were to color it, if that’s what you are considering. It has a part already in it, just as the one I am wearing in this photo has, but just move the wig over your head to move the part and you can have it be in the middle or any side. Here is the link:

Super Long Mermaid Hair

I love the way it swirls underwater!
Just playing with my jelly fish! Photo by K. Hedgecock

This is my favorite wig to swim in as a mermaid. I have it in both the curly and wavy options and both are gorgeous! Here is the link:

What about extensions?

I’ve got you covered too! I used to get these expensive human hair extensions, but they had nothing on these that I’ve been wearing for over 5 years! Once they get old I just get a new pair and use the older ones for when I go swimming. They are only $10! You can even get ombre, which I have started doing as well because the ends of my real hair are lighter than my roots. This photo shows me with the regular brown ones. It’s always been a perfect match for me. Here is the link:

These are my older ones that I swim in and they still slay!



Mermaid Must Haves!

What makes me the expert on mermaid tails and apparel?

Photo by Ziggy Mack

As you can see, I have been swimming as a mermaid for a long time. Actually I started working as a professional mermaid before the big trend hit. There were a handful of mermaids at that time and we would share our successes and ideas with each other online. I will be writing a book about my experiences with the mermaid community then and about my adventures, so stay tuned for that!

I have made relationships within the mermaid community and will only recommend tried and true tail makers and accessory makers. Why? Because I have seen artists come and go and I have seen people get robbed of their hard earned money, and I have seen tail makers use cheap silicone that is actually toxic and dangerous for our bodies. I will only recommend the best for you based on my real world experiences.

Photo by Music City Mermaid

What tail do you recommend for my child?

As a former professional mermaid, I get asked this question alot by my friends. I highly recommend the monofins by FinFun for your child. They are soft like socks and won’t scratch your pool liner like the other plastic ones. Trust me on this one. I had two of the plastic ones but they kept slipping off of the back of my daughter’s feet and they created these lines in our liner from her standing in them. Here is the link for just the monofin:

Now, for just $20 more you can get the “skin” with it. That’s a very good deal! Here is the link for the full tail for your child:

What tail do you recommend for an adult?

If you are just starting to get into mermaiding, then I advise that you start with a fabric Fin Fun tail to get the feel of it. If you want to venture into more realistic mermaid tails then I always recommend The Mertailor. His company has been around longer than any other mermaid company. I bought my second tail from him over ten years ago. The wait time is minimal when you compare it to other tail makers who can take several years to make your silicone tail. There are other brands that are amazing such as Merbellas and FinFolk, but I would not recommend their silicone tails unless you are ready to swim in a heavy silicone tail, have a year or so to wait for your tail to be created, and have at least a $5,000 budget. FinFolk does have beautiful fabric tails that they have made with one of my favorite mermaid artists, Kariel, but you need to join their private club to get on that sale because when they release their tails, the tails are sold out in a few hours.