Ariel Birthday Parties

Mermaid Bonnie as Ariel with Sebastian

I am obsessed with Ariel….it’s been decades and I still love to dress as her and quote her movies!

I’m always honored when I’m included at a birthday party or special event for a child who is a big fan of Ariel.

When I perform at a party I come dressed to impress! I have several looks to choose from like these:

I bring a robotic Flounder doll who converses with me when I speak to him and moves around, which brings smiles to everyone’s faces!

Sebastian comes too but he’s not one for talking…..because he is all about the music! We bring a speaker and mic with us with a playlist that is sure to get your guests dancing! The music we bring is not only from The Little Mermaid, but includes songs from My Little Pony, Descendants, other Disney princess movies, etc.

And if that’s not enough….I then sing “Part of Your World” that still brings tears to the eyes of all the adults watching.

Planning Your Party

Unless I am performing in a tail, I recommend having me come 30 minutes into your party. Trust me, people will arrive late and I’ve seen some guests get upset that their child missed time with me. I know that sounds weird, and it is, but since I’ve been doing this for over a decade, that’s just how it goes. So trust me that you want me to arrive 30 minutes into your party and not be there at the start unless I have to.

Once I arrive I seamlessly blend in with your guests as I have music playing with my fun sea friends and you don’t have to think about doing anything! I go with the flow and I’m having as much fun as your guests are. Just ask any of my happy families who have hired me to be a part of their special day!

Before you bring out that cake and candles, let me serenade your special birthday princess or prince with “Part of Your World”. Then we can follow that with the birthday song and I can be there for the blowing out of the candles. This is the most special part of every child’s birthday and having their favorite princess be there with them for it will make it more magical!

As cake is being served I will make my exit quietly. This has become my strategy as it’s easier. Just trust me on that. There will be no tears or children following me out the door….just a seamless party for you.

Now don’t worry, because I already planted the seed for closure with your child beforehand. I tell them that I will blow them a bubble heart when I’m back under the sea…and that’s just what happens! I will send you a video of me in the ocean blowing a bubble heart with their name on it wishing them a happy birthday. Show them that after the party is over and you will have an extremely happy child.


For me to come in one of my dresses with everything I just described it’s only $150 for one hour. I add extra fees if the driving time is over 30 minutes from my home and/or if you want extra time.

To come in my tail and entertain in your pool for an hour, my prices start at $250. I charge more for this because my tail is custom made with dragon skin silicone, and it takes a lot more time and effort to transform as a mermaid for your party. Plus there is a whole entrance/exit strategy that must be planned out beforehand with my hosts. I do though have several clamshells I can bring to choose from if performing in a tail. One is for a non water event that is huge with LED lights and another smaller one that can be set up next to any pool.

Here I am in my medium sized clamshell as the Barbie Mermaid-which is another look I also offer.

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