Mermaid Must Haves!

What makes me the expert on mermaid tails and apparel?

Photo by Ziggy Mack

As you can see, I have been swimming as a mermaid for a long time. Actually I started working as a professional mermaid before the big trend hit. There were a handful of mermaids at that time and we would share our successes and ideas with each other online. I will be writing a book about my experiences with the mermaid community then and about my adventures, so stay tuned for that!

I have made relationships within the mermaid community and will only recommend tried and true tail makers and accessory makers. Why? Because I have seen artists come and go and I have seen people get robbed of their hard earned money, and I have seen tail makers use cheap silicone that is actually toxic and dangerous for our bodies. I will only recommend the best for you based on my real world experiences.

Photo by Music City Mermaid

What tail do you recommend for my child?

As a former professional mermaid, I get asked this question alot by my friends. I highly recommend the monofins by FinFun for your child. They are soft like socks and won’t scratch your pool liner like the other plastic ones. Trust me on this one. I had two of the plastic ones but they kept slipping off of the back of my daughter’s feet and they created these lines in our liner from her standing in them. Here is the link for just the monofin:

Now, for just $20 more you can get the “skin” with it. That’s a very good deal! Here is the link for the full tail for your child:

Which tail do you recommend for an adult?

If you are just starting to get into mermaiding, then I advise that you start with a fabric Fin Fun tail to get the feel of it. If you want to venture into more realistic mermaid tails then I always recommend The Mertailor. His company has been around longer than any other mermaid company. I bought my second tail from him over ten years ago. The wait time is minimal when you compare it to other tail makers who can take several years to make your silicone tail. There are other brands that are amazing such as Merbellas and FinFolk, but I would not recommend their silicone tails unless you are ready to swim in a heavy silicone tail, have a year or so to wait for your tail to be created, and have at least a $5,000 budget. FinFolk does have beautiful fabric tails that they have made with one of my favorite mermaid artists, Kariel, but you need to join their private club to get on that sale because when they release their tails, the tails are sold out in a few hours.




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