Mermaid, Mother, Wife, Fashionista, Autistic Queen

Hi I’m Bonnie and I’ve been a professional mermaid for over a decade. I’ve retired from my whirlwind world traveling adventures to be a full time mother and devoted wife. I’m also a woman with autism who likes to share my perspective as a person on the spectrum. I have a unique flair for living my life with passion from my marriage to my fashion, and always get asked for my advice because what I am doing is working. So here it all is in one place for anyone to benefit from. If you want to add some mermaid flair to your life, then look no farther. Everything that I share with you has not been asked of me to share as it is based on my life experiences, though I have reached out to some of the companies I have trusted to give me links that I can earn a small commission from-at no extra cost to you- to help pay for this site. Thank you for visiting! Hugs and Fishes!


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.


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